EBIS Interface

You can integrate your internal (vetting) systems with our Pharox Connect EBIS interface. This way it is possible to collect the report information from the EBIS database system and use them in your own proprietary systems. By integrating Pharox Connect EBIS interface with your own vetting system you will save time by avoiding manual work and always have the latest reports at hand.

Most customers prefer to integrate with external systems via Web Services. Pharox Connect EBIS interface is a Web Service, but it is also possible to establish an interface via a FTP/ sFTP connection or an automated e-mail option.

Our Pharox Connect EBIS interface consist of an Index and Web Service to handle inspections which includes an index of available reports, the selected reports can be pulled down in XML format.

The Pharox Connect EBIS interface deliver the information to your internal vetting system, in four separate Web services: the first one for the index of ships, the second one for the ship particulars, the third for the ship inspection itself and the fourth one for the ship operators’ comments.

There are four Web Service methods defined:

Returns an index of ships in the database with a list of inspections for these ships.

Returns the particulars / technical information of a specified ship from the database.

Returns a specified inspection report from the database. The response will include the answers and comments on the requested inspection report in XML format. The format of this file is in the standard XML format.

Returns the operator comments of specified inspection report from the database.

It is possible to download specific inspection reports in XML format and/or PDF format programmatically through the web service.

Upon request we can deliver the full specification (WSDL description) of our web services.

So do you want to integrate the EBIS inspection data within your own vetting system and save time by avoiding manual work, always have the latest reports at hand then Pharox Connect – EBIS interface is the solution.

Pharox Connect EBIS Interface is only available for EBIS members after a formal agreement of EBIS.