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CDI (Chemical Distribution Institute) is a non-profit organization that aims to constantly improve the safety, security and performance quality of marine transportation and storage for the chemical industry. It provides the chemical industry with an independent organization for training and accreditation of inspectors, as well as the development and maintenance of inspection and risk assessment databases.

Our solution: assurance databases for inspection schemes

Pharox developed a range of assurance database solutions for CDI inspection schemes, including CDI Marine (chemicals, gas and oil tankers), CDI Terminals (management and technical inspection reports of tank storage terminals) and CDI Marine Packed Cargo (audit data on logistic service providers in the distribution supply chain).

The client’s perspective

“We wanted an enhanced, more user-friendly database and a high availability rate. Which is exactly what Pharox delivered. They developed a quick, slick and user-friendly interface and have consistently provided an extremely high level of availability and security.”

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