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Inspection solutions

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Inspection solutions

Our inspection solutions are designed to make the work of inspectors easier, even under challenging circumstances:

Features include:

Support for a wide variety of questionnaires and checklists in multiple languages.

Pre-inspection documents which provide inspectors with detailed information on the object or company under inspection, the exact scope of the inspection and a calculation of the required time.

Predefined question response categories and the option to include additional observations, documents or photos (configurable per question).

Several user-friendly printing, PDF, import and export options.

The option to use either a web-based application (accessible through all modern web browsers and most mobile devices) or a desktop version (Windows and Mac OSX). The online version will continue to work even when an internet connection is temporarily unavailable.

An automatic update feature, allowing inspectors to benefit from software updates as well as any changes in questionnaires as soon as they are available.