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Vetting database solutions

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Vetting database solutions

Our vetting database systems enable (chemical) companies to ensure a safe, sustainable and secure supply chain. Our systems automate the vetting process of all transport and storage operations (seagoing vessels, barges, storage terminals, road transport, rail, distributors, warehouses, cleaning stations etc.)

Our solutions consist of web applications which provide secure access to databases hosted on a high-availability platform.

Features include:

Automatic collection of up-to-date inspection data from a wide range of industry assurance databases, such as EBIS, CDI Marine, CDI Terminals, OCIMF SIRE, OCIMF TMSA, Equasis, IHS Maritime and others.

An automated pre-screening and evaluation process, in which inspection reports are screened using pre-defined requirement templates tailored to your company's needs.

A user-friendly, web-based interface allowing users to view and print vetting data.

Report maintenance options, allowing vetting specialists to update report details such as expiry dates, report status and comments. All updates are logged via an audit trail.

An upload function for adding attachments such as work documents, technical requirements, certificates and audit reports.

Inspected parties can be invited to submit self-inspection reports.