Inspector client software

The Inspector client software is a light weight Windows application. The software is designed for the accredited inspectors, having access to their specific functionality.

The Inspector client software is used to enter the inspection results, to the laptop or pc of the accredited inspector. The questionnaires are filled in during the inspection. Afterwards the answers are sent back to the database.

The inspector client software can be run on all laptops/computers. The inspector client software can be used on almost any Microsoft Windows desktop operating system, it also includes old operating systems like Windows XP and Windows Vista, but of course also the latest operating system Windows 8.1 will work together with the inspector client software.

The software is developed to work on computer hardware with low system requirements. The inspector client software is designed to be a very small package of approximately 10 MB, ensuring swift download times for the slowest internet connections.

A modern scheme of XML over HTTP communication is used to support the communication of the client. The Inspector client software uses the web browser to setup the internet connection to the database server and to upload the report data. This approach eliminates possible connection setup and firewall issues.

The new inspections can be based on a Pre-Inspection Document. This way the inspector will have more detail of the company before the actual inspection. This Microsoft Excel template can be distributed to the inspected party via a downloadable file posted on the website. The Pre-Inspection Document is available in various languages.

The Pre-Inspection Document can be imported in the inspector client software. The pre-inspection results will advise the exact scope an inspection (depending on complexity of the company, the number of employees, the number of activities etc.) and will trigger to set some sections and/or questions to ‘N/A’. In addition the inspector software will offer a tool to determine the inspection time that is needed.

For every question in the report the type of answer is given (text, number, date etc.). Also if the answer should be a selection from a list of predefined values, this list is supplied. The inspector will enter his answers to the questions and if necessary the inspector can also add comments to the question answers.

The questions can have various types of answers:

  • free text
  • Yes, No, Not Applicable (incl. observations)
  • number
  • date, time
  • selection from a predefined list
  • column/row item selection tables

Please find below an example screen for entering the inspection results. Of course the look-and-feel of the software will be in your corporate house style:

The Inspector client software has several user friendly print options. The printing possibilities are available for the complete report, both blank reports and completed reports can be printed. Before printing the inspector can select a print preview option.

When the inspector has completed the report, the inspector will upload the inspection results to the system, where the report will be available for validation and processing.

The inspector will be notified by an automated e-mail message (auto-responder e-mail). This e-mail message will contain the status of the report submission, for example: “your report has been successfully included in the system”.